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Important Considerations While Choosing a Toilet or Water Closet

31st December, 2020

Toilets form an important aspect of interior design. However, most of the times, these are overlooked in spite of the significant role they play in residential and commercial constructions. A smartly chosen toilet adds to functionality making a place highly comfortable. Buying a toilet bowl is not as simple as it seems. A few factors, if considered, may guide you to purchasing the most appropriate toilet seat or water closet for your bathroom; aesthetically and usage wise.

Some of the factors that make up a smart toilet or water closet are as follows.

 The colour: Today toilet seats are no longer confined to the standard white and there is an array of colours that you could choose from to blend with your bathroom décor and colour, thus adding to the aesthetics of your bathroom.

 The price: Price and quality carry equal weightage. However, a little research and the perfect bathroom design shall form the foundations of getting the right toilet or water closet without over spending.

 The size of the toilet. The size of the toilet should be proportionate to the size of the bathroom to ensure that the bathroom does not look crowded and there is enough space in the bathroom after fixing the toilet.

 The toilet design: With evolving times toilet designs have taken a dramatic turn too. You can choose from a range of styles varying from traditional, modern, transitional, and contemporary to eclectic. Also, there are tankless, with tank, two piece, one piece and wall-mounted toilets that justify the space in a bathroom and lend to the overall look and ease of mobility within the bathroom space.

 The toilet shape
Toilets come is round and oval shapes. Large bathrooms or bathrooms with a vertical layout call for an oval shaped toilet, but small and compact bathrooms look best with round toilets.

 The functionality.
There are automatic and semi-automatic toilets. Choose those that wring in comfort. Other features that add to functionality as well as aesthetics are toilet seat covers.

 Water Saving.
Saving water ranks high when it comes to environmental preservation. Wasting a valuable resource like water is like inviting drought for the next generation beforehand. Therefore, every toilet should be fixed with the correct water drainage facilities to expedite the proper use of water without wastage and rising bills. To this effect toilets with dual flushes and pull flush are ideal for water conservation.

 Accessibility
Toilets should be placed such that they are easy to reach for people with disabilities and those using wheelchairs and walkers.

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